We offer affordable care that revolves around your needs, not your insurance coverage.

Enjoy personalized family care for all ages, with same-day visits and our own in-office pharmacy. You'll have direct access to your doctor after hours via telemed and text.

Cedar Valley Primary Access is a form of direct primary care, taking your doctor-patient relationship out of the hands of insurance. You pay a set monthly membership fee for unlimited access to your doctor. By combining our service with a high deductible insurance plan, you'll get the highest quality of care for a fraction of the cost!*

*This is not insurance. It's an innovative primary-care model of medicine.

With One Low-Cost


You Receive...

24 hours a day
unlimited telemedicine
office visits
$5-10 Generic prescriptions for the most common medications (including many children’s prescriptions). Ask for more details.
$5-10 Labs
$40 X-rays
$200 CAT
scans $240 with contrast
$450 MRIs
Same or next-day specialist access in the Cedar Valley network
Office-based primary care procedures (mole removal, warts, Cortisone injections, etc.)

Cedar Valley Primary Access is a direct primary care practice designed for individuals, families, and employers who wish to save money on insurance premiums or for those who are uninsured or underinsured.

Own a small business? Talk to us today about offering this to your employees!

We serve all ages and stages in life, with offices in Waverly and Waterloo.


“As the cost of healthcare has continued to rise, we found that unfortunately, the quality seemed to decrease. We knew our family deserved better and discovering Cedar Valley Primary Access has truly been an answer to prayers!

We couldn’t be happier with the exceptional care we have received. Whether it’s a routine well-child visit or a health concern that has needed immediate attention, Dr. Poock and his staff have been able to provide us with the highest quality of care. We can rest assured that with 24/7 access to a provider, any issue that arises can be assessed and treated often times over the phone, saving us an unnecessary trip and expense of an urgent care visit.

We are so grateful to have this wonderful program offered so close to home and will continue to recommend it to those we care most about!”

– A.L., Waverly

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Poock for years. I can’t say enough about him. He’s always been a kind, nurturing, and caring physician…the kind of old-school doctor that really listens to what you have to say.

But now, it’s even better. He is the whole package 24/7! He is no longer encumbered by too many patients and not enough time. It’s a true family practice that shows real concern about you and your family’s health. Since he has started his new practice, I’ve never seen a patient in a waiting room. I’ve never had to sit and wait for anything! I see him right away.

It’s a whole new world of quality care. It’s different and it takes a bit of getting used to the idea that you can call, email, text anytime of the day and have your health team get back to you almost instantly.

Wow, what a concept!! Count me in!”

– S.J., Waverly

“I have been a long time Cedar Valley resident, and I have unconventional health sharing coverage. In the past, I have avoided regular doctor visits because it could cost hundreds of dollars with tests.

When I learned about CVPA, I got really excited. It is a well-priced solution to my coverage. When I spend time with the doctor it is never rushed but always relaxed. I feel cared for when I visit. On top of that, I can always text with Nurse Stech using their phone app. They always respond; it is great!”

– F.D., Cedar Falls

“I joined Cedar Valley Primary Access because my insurance has a very high deductible. One of the medications I am on requires me to see the doctor monthly, so it made more sense to join this program instead of having to pay the cost of the office visits so frequently.


– J.M., Waterloo


Healthcare Plans

01. Individual

The individual plan covers the subscriber only. Start saving and get unlimited Primary Access today.

Only $ 79 /MO.
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02. Couples

This plan covers the subscriber and one other person. Start saving and get unlimited Primary Access today.

Only $ 149 /MO.
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03. Family

The family plan covers the subscriber as well as their spouse and children. Start saving and get unlimited Primary Access today.

Only $ 179 /MO.
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*$95 one-time enrollment fee applies to all plans