About Cedar Valley Primary Access

About the Service

Cedar Valley Primary Access is designed for individuals, families, and employers who wish to save money on insurance premiums, as well as for those who are uninsured or underinsured. For one low monthly fee, you get:

  • 24 hours a day access to unlimited telemedicine
  • Unlimited office visits
  • $5-$10 Generic prescriptions for the most common medications, including many children’s prescriptions
  • $5-$10 Labs
  • $40 X-rays
  • $200 CAT scans ($240 with contrast)
  • $450 MRIs
  • Same or next-day specialist access in the Cedar Valley network
  • Office-based primary care procedures, such as mole removal, warts, Cortisone injections, etc.

We have plans to suit every need!







Insurance costs vs. direct primary care

Let’s say you provide health insurance for your spouse and three children. Your insurance comes with a $50 copay for doctor visits and $20 prescriptions. In the span of a couple of weeks, your preschooler comes down with strep throat, requiring a doctor visit as well as a prescription. Then your toddler catches it—that’s another copay and another prescription. Then your infant comes down with an ear infection. That’s three copays, plus three prescriptions, for a total cost of $210.

With the family plan at Primary Access, you’d have paid just $5-10 for most prescriptions. Unlimited office visits means just that. You get unlimited office visits for one low price.

Here’s a more few real-life examples from our patients:

  1. One evening, a child at home fell and hit their head. Their parents texted us a photo of the cut to the child’s head. The doctor told them what to do to handle it right then, and had them meet him in the office right away in the morning. The visit cost them nothing extra, outside of their monthly fee. Without that expert advice and instant care access, they would have taken the child into the ER – costing well over $1000 out of pocket for them. That one ER visit would have cost almost as much as the family’s entire yearly membership (with unlimited access) with us!
  2. Another family had a child with persistent warts that required numerous treatments of liquid nitrogen to remove them. Using their family’s insurance, each visit would have cost them close to $200 per treatment at a traditional practice. This child had to have 10 treatments with us. So instead of $2,000 to solve one issue for one child, they paid $2,100 ($175/month) for an entire YEAR of unlimited access for the whole family with us – and got rid of the warts too!
  3. One of our patients came to us on a medication that requires monthly visits. In a traditional practice, he was paying $120 per visit each month, costing him $1,440 a year. By joining us at Cedar Valley Primary Access, his single membership for unlimited access for the full year was just $900. In fact, he was able to add his wife to his membership and still save hundreds!

To find out how much you could save on your insurance premiums by switching to a High Deductible Health Plan, contact your insurance provider.

About Our Providers

Dr. Poock

Dr. James J. Poock completed his medical education at the University of Iowa and his residency at the Northeast Iowa Family Medicine Program. He is board certified in family medicine and is a member and Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Iowa AAFP. He has been in practice since 2002 with the last 13 years educating doctors at the Northeast Iowa Family Practice Residency.